Monday, December 31, 2012

Are You Disappointed? Is God?

When the end of December arrives, many of us reflect on the year just ended and set goals for the year to come.  Often we find that the goals we set and the resolutions we made were never fully realized and we become disappointed in ourselves.  That certainly has been the case for me.  I didn't accomplish one single goal on the list I made for 2012.  I didn't do things I felt I, as a writer and inspirational speaker, should do:

  • Study at least one hour per day
  • Read at least one hour per day
  • Write at least one hour per day
  • Make five marketing contacts per day
  • Produce a devotional app for my books similar to the Jesus Calling app I love
  • Obtain 501c3 status so donations to my ministry could be tax-deductible for those who give

I didn't accomplish growth in my ministry the way I had hoped and wondered at times if God even called me to ministry or if that was a dream of my own making.  In fact, I didn't do anything to "make things happen."  I simply lived each day, often in survival mode, leaning on God's everlasting arms and the faithful promises of His Word.

Am I disappointed that I didn't accomplish what I felt I should or could have? Maybe a little.  Perhaps the more important question is, Is God disappointed? 

I look at friends and acquaintances who have thriving ministries of their own, who are out winning souls and doing great things for God in the spotlight of His favor and anointing.  I look at the successful authors I know who are writing and selling more books than I could ever imagine and wonder why success is so elusive for me.   That's easy...they are working at it harder than I am and devoting more time to promoting their writings and book-signing events.  How I admire their tenacity and the heart that drives them to market tirelessly that which God has given them to share with the world.  Is my failure to do these things a disappointment to God or merely to myself?

A long time ago I gave up comparing myself and my success with that of others.  What I hoped would be an exciting year of fruitful ministry for me became a year of surrender to God and all He planned for our family in the wake of my husband's unexpected job loss and the financial reversal that followed.  That journey became my ministry as I allowed God to draw me closer to Him and use what we were going through to encourage others in similar circumstances.  The job God gave me, which now consumes my productive hours and takes me away from marketing and ministry activities I thought were necessary to reach others for Him, has become my mission field, a place where I can make a difference every day.

If you are feeling disappointed over your failure to achieve the goals you set for yourself in 2012, take a prayerful look at all God did in your life this year.  The goals we set and achieve in the New Year may impress others and accomplish good things in our lives and theirs, but it is only when  surrender ourselves to God's purposes for us that we will find true success and fulfillment.

God is never disappointed when we walk in full surrender to Him. We can never fail, even though our plans aren't accomplished as we envisioned them, as long we are letting Him call the shots.  He can do far more with a surrendered servant than a person who "makes things happen" without fully depending on God.

I pray and believe that the New Year will be a year of great adventure and untold blessings for all who commit themselves daily to walking with God, discovering and doing His will, and living for His glory.

Happy New Year!  May His blessings abound in your life this year!

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