Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Vested Interest

As I sat and watched the presidential debate tonight I realized just how badly our family needs for things to turn around soon in our nation.  My husband has been out of work for four months and has not had much success finding a job that pays the kind of money he was making earlier this year.  My college-age son is taking a year off to work and save enough money to pay his own tuition or get an apartment because he doesn't want to incur student loan debt or be a financial burden in our time of need.  We feel extremely blessed that he even has a job and that I was able to go back to work full-time to help make ends meet.  Our family, like so many others, has had to apply for state assistance just to get through this crunch.

Praise God, we live in America.  As flawed as she has become, she is still the greatest nation in the world.  Even so, this is a critical election year and we are on the brink of further decline if we don't pay attention to what is going on and do our part to turn the tide.

Many turned off their television sets tonight having decided that voting is a waste of time.  But now is the time for us all to stand up and exercise our liberty to choose the candidate we feel will steer our nation in the right direction.  So much is riding on this election.  If you have any reservations about voting this year, think of those you know who are struggling and do it for them!  We need you.  America needs you!

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