Thursday, September 13, 2012

New Lacrosse Mom Spotted!

Before attending a special benefit lacrosse game last spring, I didn't even know what lacrosse was.  But my daughter, who has never participated in organized sports and barely survived dance lessons, has decided to try a sport this year.  She didn't go for the kinder, gentler sport of softball, like I did in high school.  Oh, no!  Joy is going to be running the field at break-neck speed (hope she doesn't break hers!) while slinging and (hopefully) catching balls in a little net on the end of a stick.  Now this I gotta see!

Joy had her first skills practice today right after I got home from work.  In fact, not only did I not have time to come in and change clothes or grab a quick cup of coffee, the practice ran long and we didn't get home to eat dinner until nearly 7:30.  But the weather was perfect for relaxing and conversing with a lovely British woman whose daughter is also new to the sport.  Joy found a sport and I made a new friend.  Jolly good, I say!

I never wanted to be one of those ultra-busy working moms who spends every waking hour of her free time shuttling kids to sports practice, but I joined the team today and to tell you the truth, I am looking forward to the joys of victory! (The agony of defeat? Not so much.)  Life is too short to sit on sidelines and let an opportunity like this pass us by. 

Go, Joy! I am proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zone and taking on a new challenge and making new friends.  I promise not to be an obnoxious lacrosse mom...well, maybe.

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