Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What If...?

Four years ago, I started this blog which led to the writing of two books and many articles on faith living.  Somewhere in those four years I homeschooled kids, nearly lost my sanity raising my teenage son, and thought that somehow God might make a ministry out of the mayhem of this very average suburban mother's life.  My husband and I changed jobs, most recently not by choice, and found ourselves challenged by a declining economy and eroding social and moral values.  There were a lot of "what ifs" along the way, some of which have never been answered.

There is one "what if?" that has never been a question in my mind -- What if God didn't exist?

If I didn't know for sure that God is real and that he truly does exist, I would have caved under the stress of living in a world so full of uncertainty.   I would have settled for mediocrity instead of pursuing the dream of making a difference in the life of at least one person everyday.  Instead of running to God for comfort, I'd probably have run to Jack Daniel or the vineyards of Beringer and Sutter Home.  I would have given in to my kids' arguments that "everyone does it" or "their parents let them do it" when as a parent I knew that my only choice was to fight for what is good and right.  I would have decided that excellence isn't all it's cracked up to be and merely settled for the status quo.

But God does exist!  He is as real as the keyboard on which I am typing these words and the gifts that we have received in our season of unemployment.  His Word is real and his promises are true!  He reigns and is in control of even the most chaotic twists and turns we face in our day-to-day existence. 

As I consider the very real possibility that I may soon re-enter the workforce in a full-time capacity, I find myself faced with another whole group of "what if?" questions.  What if God never intended for me to have a "ministry" or write another book?  What if someone actually does hire me and I no longer have time to write because I am so busy trying to balance a full-time job with family obligations?  Would having the money to cover our living expenses and pay off our creditors be such a bad thing, even if it means that writing takes a backseat for awhile?  Probably not.  Somehow I think I will still manage to find time for my passion of encouraging others with the truths of God's Word.

What if God is opening the door to something even better than I could have imagined, a place of greater prosperity and a greater potential to make a difference in the lives of others?  What if I could simply be excited, say "Ok, God, let's do it -- whatever it is," and move on to the next season of life?

No matter what I do or where life takes me, I know that God will be with me every step of the way.  With him there is no need to ask, "What if?" because I know that I am in his hands and that he is working everything together for our good.

If you don't have that assurance for yourself, let me encourage you to pick up his Word and begin reading it.  As you begin to learn more about him and walk in obedience to his commands, you will begin to understand how truly caring and wonderful God is.  Maybe you struggle with believing God is good because of hardships you have faced.  Often he uses the hardships in life to draw us into an intimate relationship with him, if we will let him.

What if you let God into your daily life, to walk beside and guide you as a Father and the very best Friend you could ever have?  He is faithful and you will never be sorry for surrendering your heart and life to him.  What if....?

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  1. Hi Dee Dee!

    The Lord sure has a great sense of humor! I've been pondering the 'what ifs' these past days: what if I move, what if I take this job, what if i don't, and so on and so forth. I just had to run to Him in prayer and seek His assurance that I am where He wants me to be at this time in my life. Then, joy of joys, just to re-assure me, He brings me to your blog!

    Thank you for your words of wisdom and perseverance to obey Him. You are a blessing!

    Joyfully in Christ,