Friday, July 20, 2012

The Greatest Show on Earth

A month or so ago I began work on a book project that requires a lot of mental energy and focus.  About the same time, my husband unexpectedly lost his job and joined the ranks of the unemployed.  (Welcome to the club, Darlin'!)  Between my kids being out of school for the summer and fighting boredom, and my husband in frequent need of moral support and advice on how to word a cover letter or which tie to wear to an interview, my office looks more like a three-ring circus than a writer's nook!

Why run away to join the circus when I live in one, right?

Lest you think I am complaining, I am not.  Never have I felt more needed or valued than I have this summer.  Life is crazy!   Between prospective employers, concerned friends, and neglected creditors, my phone rings off the hook all day long.   My husband and kids are constantly in and out of my office and my train of thought is frequently derailed.  Even though I technically have a job as a writer and am under contract for the book project I am working on, my family somehow doesn't get it that I am actually employed because I am at home all day. 

I could pull my hair out by the roots in utter exasperation or run away to my mother's house in the quiet woods along the Little Red River, but that won't solve anything.  The chaos would still be here when I return, so I simply choose to be joyful. 

I don't think there is anything in the thirty-first chapter of Proverbs about life in the circus except perhaps this verse:  "She laughs at the days to come" (verse 25).  Call me a clown with sawdust in my veins -- life with Jesus, no matter how crazy it gets, is the greatest show on earth!

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  1. I've always found both awe and enjoyment at the circus. I miss the small town flavor of such excitement. However, I don't think that is what you had in mind for this posting. The 'three ring circus' part I get. One of the perks from working at home is the leisurely environment and the opportunity to interact with your family. One of the disadvantages of working from home is that you have such a leisurely environment that your family interacts with you more than you can appreciate or tolerate. Hang in there...for He will not lead you to something that He will not lead you through. Rely on Him daily and constantly. In each breath that you take and each moment you want to "pull your hair out by the roots" remember that He has counted those hairs and has consecrate each of them and all of you for service in His kingdom. And it is not...thy kingdom come...for His kingdom is at hand. And the greatest example of a life lived in his shadow is a life that survives the attacks of this day so as to be able to fight another day. Rejoice in the tribulations and appreciate the "joy" that He brings at the end of the battle. "Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the Kings horses and all the Kings men couldn't put Humpty together again." But the King could!!!