Sunday, July 8, 2012

As Raindrops Fall

 The summer days devoid of rain
Reflect relentless, searing pain
Which stress of life inflicts on us
Until we’re laid face-down in dust
The summer drought is getting old
And making weary my own soul
Which, parched and dry, for God does thirst
Oh, how I wish the clouds would burst
And offer rain to soothe the land
A cooling balm from God’s own hand
To wash away the dirt and grime
That covers me from time to time
A cooling breeze, God’s very breath
Does blow upon my weary breast
A calmness to my soul He’ll bring
Until once more my heart can sing
When pain and trouble worry me
And endless clouds are all I see

I know that even in each test
God works in me his very best
Be still, my soul, and hear the rain
My heart, rejoice, despite the pain
As raindrops fall and breezes blow
God’s peace and presence you will know
He sees your tears and wipes them dry
Beneath the cloudy, stormy sky
If God to you seems far away
Remember a more joyful day
Give thanks for blessings you have known
Until He comes to take you home

Copyright © 2012 by Dee Dee Wike. All rights reserved.


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