Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Jitterbug Coffee House -- a frazzled writer's paradise!

Writers and chaos don't mix.  Since it's summer and my entire household has been underfoot lately,  I decided that my only hope of surviving with my sanity intact and meeting the publisher's deadline was to take a writer's retreat and head for the peace and quiet of my mom's cabin in the woods near Heber Springs.   What a great idea this was! 

Unfortunately, Mom's internet connection is a little behind the times and certainly inadequate to do business and email anything remotely the size of the manuscript I needed to send this morning.  But not to worry, Jitterbug Coffee House  on Main Street in beautiful downtown Heber Springs has provided me not only the ideal working environment but also the best coffee in the county.

You know, I could get used to this!  A portable computer, a couple of dollars in my pocket, and the peace and quiet of a charming coffee cafe in a small town have been a refreshing change of pace from the noise of Starbucks and the constant activity in my household.

Thanks to the fine folks at Jitterbug for their gracious hospitality and delicious coffee! Next time you pass through Heber Springs on your way to Greers Ferry Lake, make sure to stop in and give them your business and tell 'em Dee Dee sent you!

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