Thursday, June 7, 2012

Flora, Fauna, and Fajitas

Nothing does me good like packing a suitcase, taking my favorite traveling buddy (Joy), and running away from home, especially when the escape is to Big-O's house.  (My mom's grandchildren call her Big-O.)  Mom lives in a secluded wooded retreat near Greers Ferry Lake, the perfect place to decompress from the stress of our daily routine and rest up for the busy summer ahead.

This trip was all about flora, fauna, and fajitas, thanks to a new Mexican restaurant in Heber Springs.  We ate at Las Playitas two of the four evenings we were there and found the food to be muy delicioso!

One of the things I most look forward to is sitting outside on Mom's porch watching birds and looking for signs of other wildlife such as deer.  This trip certainly did not disappoint!  I had the privilege of rescuing a baby rabbit, which my sister's Schnauzer delivered as a  gift the first morning of our visit.  Although Bugs was injured and stunned, after about thirty six hours of rest and care he bounced back and was ready for release back into the forest, though we hated to let him go. 

While watching an adult rabbit hop around in Mom's front yard, I looked across the road and noticed two ears sticking up in the tall grass just beyond where the rabbit was grazing.  A look through her binoculars revealed a tiny speckled fawn curled up in the grass with no parent nearby.  After watching the precious baby for several minutes, I ventured across the road to see if it, like the rabbit we had rescued, was injured and to snap a quick photo.  As I approached the fawn, it lay still.  When I got to within about five or six feet, I slowly raised my camera while talking quietly to it.  Before I could snap a closeup, it quickly got up and took off like a rocket, leaving only a second to snap a shot of it in flight.  The next afternoon as we drove through the subdivision, we saw the fawn with its mother crossing the road.

While we were there, I also had close encounters with a stunned chickadee, a lazy turtle, and a curious and spry lizard.

Eating fajitas and photographing the fauna were not the only activities I enjoyed while at Mom's.  I also took advantage of the beautiful weather and my love for gardening to plant some nandinas and a butterfly bush that had been in their pots for far too long.  Digging the holes was no easy task as the soil where she lives is very rocky.  But the joy of the accomplishment made every sore muscle worth it!

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