Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Good Cry

Vanity and the fact that I am a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant have long dictated that I not leave home without penciling in eyebrows and putting on lipstick.  I mean really, a girl does have a reputation to uphold!  This morning I decided to put on my full face (blush, eye makeup, etc.) before taking my daughter to school just in case I wanted to stop in at Starbucks or make a run to Wal-Mart, and I looked great.  But after a stressful morning just getting out the door, the dam burst and I cried off every bit of color that I had taken such care to apply.

Someone needs to come up with waterproof makeup that can withstand the occasional flood of tears that come with the territory of being a mother.  Someone needs to teach a class on how to cry pretty because I am the poster child for the "ugly cry."  Thankfully I know that God is greater than our hearts and he knows everything (1 John 3:20) and that no matter how ugly I may be when I cry, he sees the tears of a mother's broken heart as a thing of beauty.  I take comfort in knowing that he holds my tears in his bottle (Psalm 56:8) and promises that those who sow in tears shall reap in joy (Psalm 126:5).

Since I have cried my "cleansing tears" and gotten the stress out of my system, I will return to the bathroom and reapply my makeup for the day.  If you need a good cry today, just know that God is with you and he will wipe every tear from your eyes.  A day will come when there will be no more tears, no more pain, and no more broken hearts (Revelation 21:4).  Let that promise sink in and encourage your weary heart!

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