Saturday, March 24, 2012

Who But God?

As a budding author with a heart for ministry and a passion for God's Word, I have at times been discouraged by the lack of book sales and scheduled events.  That is a common complaint of many new authors who hold full-time jobs or who because of family and other obligations have limited time and resources to market the things we have written.  I frequently have to remind myself that Dee Dee Wike Ministries is not my ministry but God's, and ultimately he is the one in charge of what will be accomplished, and when.  Still, God requires that I do my part by praying and sowing seeds, making contacts with bookstores and churches, and sharing his encouragement with others through writing and one-on-one ministry as he presents opportunities to do so.

All that said, God has done some pretty amazing things to let me know that he is very much involved in this ministry and is more than able to accomplish his purposes despite my lack of experience and knowledge.  Most recently, he orchestrated an opportunity to write for a Christian women's magazine, WHOA Women, in a very unique way.  When I had lunch at a friend's house one day (a friend I had not been with in well over a year), she handed me a copy of this magazine which she had picked up at Kroger, thinking I might be interested in writing an article for it because it was a faith-based magazine.  I had never seen nor heard of the magazine but I really liked the content so I submitted an article with a prayer and the hope that God might be able to use it somehow.  I was thrilled to find out that "Breaking the Cycle of Debt" would be published in WHOA's spring issue and that fellow Tennessean Dolly Parton would be gracing the cover!  Who but God could have placed that magazine in that store to be picked up by that friend and shared with me?  To God be the glory for his blessing to me!

Who but God could have taken the gift of one book to a waitress and turned it into the sale of twenty nine more copies to one restaurant owner so she could share God's encouragement with her employees and friends?  God is not just using the books he inspired me to write, but is using those who give them as gifts to encourage others who are facing challenges I will never know about.  This ministry is not about what I have written but about how God is working through many others who are sensitive to the leading of his Holy Spirit to share that encouragement with their friends and loved ones.  How exciting is that!

Who but God could take all the sins I have committed, the struggles I have endured, and together with his Word turn them into two books, three blogs, and a ministry of encouragement to others who are journeying through their own challenges?  Who but God could use any of us, flawed as we are, to accomplish his purposes on this earth?  Don't you just love that about him?  I do!

Whatever your calling is, commit it all to God and let him handle the details.  For me, there is no better manager or book promoter than him.  What he has done for me, he can do for you as long as you will do your best and leave the rest to him.  As I wrote in a devotional earlier this week, sowing seeds and nurturing our calling is tedious, tiring, and painful, but in the end God gives us a bountiful harvest of blessings so that we in turn might be a blessing to others.

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