Tuesday, March 6, 2012

ELECTion Day

Today is Super Tuesday, the day when presidential primaries are conducted in several states across the nation.  We have the privilege and responsibility as U.S. citizens to vote for the presidential candidate we think best able to steer our country in a positive direction.  But as God's elect, we also have the moral and spiritual responsibility to vote our convictions and seek his choice for the highest office in the land.

As I prayed about today's election and for wisdom to choose the candidate who stands for the things that should matter to me as a Christian, I became keenly aware that no matter who is elected the next President of the United States, we will be in no better shape than we are now if God's elect don't begin to turn from their sins and live according to his laws.

Am I saying you shouldn't go out and vote?  Not at all.  But I am saying that the President of the United States, as much power as he may have, cannot turn this nation back to God.  It takes each of God's elect, living according to the biblical standards on which our nation was founded, to bring about positive and lasting change.

God, help us to finally realize that this country will never turn back to you and receive the favor and blessing of our former days until each of us rededicates ourselves to living according to the laws contained in your Word.  Restoring this nation to the biblical principles on which it was founded is not the responsibility of the President, but rather the responsibility of your "elect."  Lord, we humble ourselves, confess our sins to you, and cry out for your healing and blessing for our land today.  Certainly, we want you to place in office the person who can best lead us, but help us to understand that if we don't put you first and follow your lead, there is no hope for America.


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