Monday, February 27, 2012

Glass of Lemonade, Anyone?

Scripture:  Romans 5:3-5

If there is one thing I have discovered about life, it is that even on our worst days we can manage to find something for which we are thankful.  It may not seem that way when we are in the heat of battle with a rebellious child or buried under a pile of bills we cannot pay, but if we take a moment to look for just one blessing we will surely find many.  It all boils down to attitude and perspective....we can either suck on life's raw lemons or we can add a little sugar and make lemonade, as Erma Bombeck was so quick to point out!

What is your lemon today, and what is the secret of giving thanks in all circumstances?  If you are like me, perhaps your lemon is the annoying call of the creditor alerting you that your payment is past due.  Are your lights still on?  Is there food in the fridge?  Did you sleep in a comfy bed last night?  Give thanks for these blessings!

Are you sleep deprived and cranky because you were up all night with a newborn or sick child?  Can you imagine life without that little one or the day when he will be too big to hold?  Give thanks for that bundle of love God has placed in your arms!  All too soon your little one will grow up and give his affections to someone or something else.  Relish the moments you have now, even if you're too sleepy to enjoy them.

If you suffer from debilitating pain or discomfort from a serious illness, can you give thanks for a sound mind and the knowledge that God is there to comfort you?  Can you use your pain as a prompt to pray for others who might be in even worse shape than you are?  Even when you think you are physically unable to do much good, you are well-positioned to pray for others, and prayer is one of the greatest gifts you can give someone you love.

I don't mean to minimize your problems.  Heaven knows I have my own Goliaths!  But our great God is faithful even in the midst of our biggest challenges. 

If you are feeling a bit squeezed by life today, add a little sugar to the mix and refresh someone else who is similarly challenged.  Don't just make lemonade...offer that refreshment to others by facing your challenges with a thankful heart.

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