Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Geek and the Good Guy

As my husband Steve and I sat at opposite ends of the kitchen table waiting on our lunch to finish cooking, I couldn't help but smile at the thought that after twenty five years of marriage (2/21/12 is our silver anniversary) we are still SO different.  There he sat flipping the pages of a catalog while I scrolled through Facebook messages on my smart phone.  When I offered to pull up his checking account balance on my phone he said, "You can do that?  Scary!"

It's true...opposites do attract, and God knew what he was doing when he sent Steve into my life.  I knew what I was looking for in a mate -- someone attractive, nice, funny, romantic, and generous.  Although Steve had his good qualities, I am not so sure I would have chosen him in a suitor lineup, if you know what I mean.  He was good looking enough with an amazing, winsome smile.  He was very nice and had a quirky wit at times, but was not exactly the most generous guy when it came to laying down money for dates or gifts.  I thought it odd that we dated "Dutch treat" a lot and definitely strange that his first Christmas gift to me was a pair of ankle weights.  But neither really mattered because we were both working and he was wanting to help me reach a fitness goal I was working on at the time.  (Of course, I traded in the ankle weights at the earliest opportunity!)  Steve never committed that faux pas again and has excelled in giving me gifts I really enjoy.  God knew that I was prone to spend a little too freely in those days so he sent Steve to rein in my spending.  He also sent me to Steve to help him loosen up his purse strings a little.    Steve has always been easy-going, just enough that it makes this intensely emotional woman crazy!  God knew I needed someone kinder and gentler than myself to bear with my faults and love me any way.  The balance we have achieved in many areas is a beautiful thing.  Isn't God so good? 

As we have grown together over the past two and a half decades we have become more alike in our thoughts and actions.  He is predictable but can still pull off a good surprise.  I love the way he laughs at my jokes and silly comments.  But in so many ways we are still just as opposite as the day we met.  And that, I believe, is one thing that has kept our marriage strong.  Steve will never be tech-savvy and I may never be the soft-spoken, gentle-spirited wife he at times probably wishes he had married, but we will always have a reason to laugh, a reason to pray for one another, and the adventure of waking up to face a new day together, "'til death us do part."

Here's to the next twenty five years, Sweetheart!  Thanks for making this the trip of a lifetime.  I love you.


  1. That's beautiful Dee Dee :0) Happy Anniversary!

  2. Happy Silver to you & Steve. I so hope the Lord blesses you with at least 25 more! Celebrate... don't put it off!