Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Frog That Stayed (A True Story)

As a young girl growing up in an age of innocence (at least by today's standards), I held to the fairytale belief that there is someone for everyone.  I still do believe that there is a forever mate handpicked by God for those God does not call out to a life of singleness.  There was a time when I was certain that being single was God's plan for me, but then I found a frog that stayed.  Yet I know that when death separates us, I will remain single because God has captured my heart in a way that no man will ever be able to, including my spouse of twenty-five years.

Finding the frog that stayed was no easy task.  True to the fairytale, I had to kiss a lot of frogs.  The thing about frogs, as I quickly learned, is that they have common names and occupations.  Although I won't name my frogs, each held an attraction for me at the time.  Some frogs stayed longer than others.  Some I wish I had never met!  Some left me heartbroken while they happily hopped into the sunset, but when I realized that some were mere toads with very little "prince" potential, I was happy just to send them on their way so I could move on to the next frog.

Some frogs genuinely loved me for me and generously gave of themselves to ensure my happiness.  Others were only interested in having their own needs met and had less than noble intentions where I was concerned.  I kissed frogs my age who shared common interests, frogs younger than me who adored me in ways no other frog could, and frogs older and too experienced for a girl like me.  But good or bad, they had their place in my search for true love and I will never forget them.

It wasn't until I met my true Prince that I found my forever frog, however.  As a young woman in my mid-twenties, I finally grew weary of compromising myself in the search for the love of my life.  The search had led me into unhealthy relationships and self-destructive behaviors that left me seeking a permanent way out of my misery.  I never thought I would find true love and I certainly didn't deserve God's best after the way I had thrown my life away in pursuit of it.  When I finally reached rock bottom and made the decision to forsake all others and keep myself only unto Jesus Himself, my forever frog skated into my life and nothing has been the same since.

It's true.  I had to forsake friendships, social circles, happy hours, and resolve to love God with my whole heart before I could ever be healthy enough spiritually and emotionally to enter into a covenant relationship with another human being.  You see?  We get it all wrong when we think that we can find God's perfect mate for us.  What we must do first is completely surrender ourselves to God and let Him bring that mate to us.  That is a lesson I wish I had learned long before I met Steve at the roller rink all those years ago.  Had I simply been secure in my relationship with the Lord and let Him do the choosing, I could have avoided some hard and costly mistakes.

If you feel alone this Valentine's Day, please know that Jesus, the Lover of your soul and your true Prince, is right beside you.  He loves you more than any human can, warts and all.

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