Wednesday, February 1, 2012

At the End of the Day

What did you do today?  When you flipped the page of your calendar over to discover that January had already passed, did you breathe a sigh of regret over the things you didn't accomplish or the resolutions you let slide this first month of 2012?  Or were you able to look back and see the things you managed to achieve, the people whose lives you positively impacted, and the hand of God in it all?

For me, every day has a common beginning and end.  I begin the day in prayerful meditation and end it with a prayer of thanks for the comfort of my bed and for everything the Lord allowed me to accomplish.  Some days that list is longer than others, but at the end of the day I am thankful to have lived fully and made a difference somehow.

Let us not allow an entire year to pass before we sit down and reflect on our lives and on God's purposes, provision, and grace.  Let us not wait until the end of 2012 to remember God's goodness and anticipate His plans for the year to come.  Rather, at the end of each day, let us pause in silence to give thanks for the grace that got us through this day and for God's provision for our needs.  Let us pray for a fresh start tomorrow, if indeed we wake up to face a new day, and let God lead us one step at a time, moment by moment, rather than fret about what the future holds.

Now I lay me down to slumber,
My blessings are too great to number.
When daybreak comes and sleep departs,
Lord, I will give to you my heart.
In peace I lay me down to rest;
Tomorrow I will do my best
To love and serve my fellow man
Until I lay me down again.

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