Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Candles (an evening poem)

The sun now set, no longer warm,
Has kissed goodbye the day.
The candle flames dance wearily
As my head on the pillow I lay.

A night of restlessness awaits me,
Perplexing dreams that steal my sleep
As a bandit carries away a treasure
From a hidden place so deep.

Throughout the night I tumble and toss,
Sleeping fitfully, never truly resting.
Each night I pray that I may sleep
Without dreams my patience testing.

Extinguished now, the candle's flame
No longer lights the room.
Night shadows fall, the quiet comes,
And so will morning soon.

And long before the birds awake
To sing their morning song,
Once more the candle flame I'll light,
And wait for day to dawn.

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