Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Scenic Route

It has been said that life is a journey,
A great adventure without a doubt,
And though we oft prefer a straight road
God takes us on the scenic route.
It never fails, the more we plan
The greater the obstacles, it seems.
Too easily we lose all hope
And give up on our dreams.
Yet God, behind the scenes, is doing
Things we cannot fathom.
To learn to trust and wait on Him
Must be our first reaction.
Rather than let discouragement
Cause fear, frustration, doubt --
We need to trust that God has planned
For us a scenic route
With glorious wonders we would miss
By following our own plan,
And greater blessings reserved for us
Who trust and take His hand.
When next you feel the plans you made
Have turned and headed south,
Give God the wheel, sit back, relax
And enjoy the scenic route.

Dee Dee Wike

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