Friday, December 23, 2011

A Christmas Prayer

For all the blessings that at Christmas we share,
For those we love and those who care
We thank Thee, Lord, and ask that we
May ever live so joyfully.
For those whose hearts are broken by loss,
Whose burdens are heavy, who carry a cross
That they never asked for or would choose to bear,
Lord, give us Your love and compassion to share
That they, like we, may come to know
That You are with them wherever they go.
At Christmas You came down from heaven as a babe.
Forsaking Your throne of glory You gave
Us the greatest gift that God could give
By choosing among humankind to live,
In a world full of sorrow and pain and loss
As a man, yet as God, never counting the cost.
Subjected to suffering, temptation, and such
You taught us forgiveness and loved us so much
That You willingly laid down Your life on the tree,
Our sins taking on so that we could be free
To love as You loved, Your mercy extending
To those who with heartbreak and need never-ending
Search for hope as the wisemen once searched for the star.
Oh, Lord, help them to see what a wonder You are!
In their darkness and sorrow give them eyes to see
God's Gift of love in Your nativity,
A love ever-constant and faithful and true
With power divine to make all things new.
Lord, may Your great love within us shine as a beacon bright
Of the Love that came down that first Christmas night.

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