Monday, November 14, 2011

Morning Prayer from a Desperate Heart

Oh Lord, I don't know where to start.
I come to You with an aching heart
That desperately wants to know You more,
To know just what You have in store.
My mind is cluttered and over-filled.
Oh, how my soul longs to be thrilled
With thoughts and words from You alone!
Displace the clutter, re-take the throne
Of my aching, wretched, callous heart.
Forgive my sin and in me start
A new work in this heart of stone.
Oh, make it clean to be Your home,
A place where love and peace are found,
And mercy, grace, and trust abound.
Lord, make me new and help me be
A servant who lives for Your glory.
I yield myself to You today.
Lord, in my life please have Your way.

by Dee Dee Wike, 11/14/11

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