Friday, September 2, 2011

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Meet Sam (or Samantha, if he's actually a female spider).  Sam is one BIG spider and has been spinning a web nightly between the street light and the speed limit sign on the curb between our house and the next door neighbor's.  Sam comes out at dark and in less than two hours constructs a web at least two feet in diameter.  By 6am the web will be completely gone and Sam will start building a new web when night falls again.

The picture of Joy and Sam below will give you a little perspective on how large Sam really is.  With legs extended, Sam is easily the size of a half dollar, with his abdomen about the size of a dime.  

Tonight I watched Sam go after the moths that found their way into his web.  The instant he sensed their presence, he snatched them up, wrapped them in silk, and reattached them to his web for a late dinner.  The poor moths were no match for this skilled hunter.

Watching Sam this week has left me in awe once more over God's creative genius and the wonders of his creation.  Truly we are not the only ones fearfully and wonderfully made.  Sam is a pretty cool arachnid and certainly no itsy bitsy spider. 

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