Sunday, September 4, 2011

Heart's Desire

My heart is aching for more of You, Lord
To know Your purpose for me
To walk in Your will, a difference to make
In the lives of the people I see
In a world that's bombarded with so much pain
So great is the need of mankind
For a Savior, a Healer, Provider and Friend
Lord, give us a little more time
Your Word of compassion for those in despair
Your friendship for those so alone
The promise and hope of Your Word we must share
Before You take us all home
The time is short--we have much work to do
To reach those around us so lost
Before You return we must show them Your love
And compassion, no matter the cost
Lord, show us how we can minister best
To the people around us today
So they will see Jesus and know for themselves
That He is the Life, Truth, and Way
Lord, fill us today with Your love and Your peace
That others may see You and say,
"Lord Jesus, I give You myself once for all --
Come live in my heart today."

Copyright © 2011 by Dee Dee Wike.  All rights reserved.

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