Tuesday, August 30, 2011

By Faith

By faith I rise to greet the day
Before the sleeping sun
Awakes to shine on this old earth.
I meet the Holy One
To seek His will and read His Word.
I come to Him in prayer
By faith, believing as I seek
That He will meet me there.
In quiet stillness of the morn
His praises I do sing
For carrying me when seas are tossed,
Covered by His blessing.
By faith believing He will give
Me everything I need,
Though poor and broken I may feel,
By faith my heart can sing.
By faith I live for Him each day
Consumed by love divine,
With joy to know where'er life leads
In Him I can abide.
No matter what the day may bring
His peace my heart shall fill
Because by faith, believing God,
I seek to do His will.
To live for glory not my own,
To love the world He made
By faith before night's shadows flee
I rise to greet the day.

Copyright © 2011 by Dee Dee Wike.  All rights reserved.

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