Saturday, July 9, 2011

Just Because

Some days lend themselves to wistful thinking and rest from the busyness of life. With my kids off shopping and my husband at work for a few hours, I was able to enjoy a few moments of solitude to reflect on life and daydream a little while enjoying the view outside my kitchen window.  With the sunflowers I planted in the spring blooming and waving cheerily in the warm summer breeze, my thoughts bounced from cherished friends and days gone by to blessings for which I am very thankful.  Since I couldn't decide what I wanted to do, I decided to muse a little and write this blog just because I could.

My neighbor kindly cut my grass just because he was out on his riding lawnmower and saw my grass needed cutting, too. When is the last time you or I engaged in an act of random kindness toward someone else, just because? It is the little things we do for others that provide the lift our wistful souls sometimes need. Whether it is picking up a few groceries for an elderly neighbor or simply picking up the phone to check on a loved one, a little kindness goes a long way, both for the giver and the recipient. The great joy in life is not in “looking out for number one,” but in considering others more important than ourselves and extending the love and grace of Christ to them.

Because life has been so busy lately, I made the conscious decision to relish the peace and quiet of an empty house instead of clean it as I should.  We all need to stop and smell the roses once in awhile, just because we can. If we get so caught up in “doing” all the time we will cease to be the human “beings” God created us to be. How can we possibly hear His voice or enjoy His presence if we don’t stop for awhile just to be still?

Jesus set the examples of service and sacrifice for us by living as a man and dying to save us from our sins…just because of His great love for us.  Think about that as you go about your day and extend a little grace to someone else, just because you can.

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