Friday, May 13, 2011

Remembering Tinkerbell

It has been a week since I planted Tinkerbell in the garden beneath the azalea.  I know it must seem strange to those who aren't animal lovers, or at least rodent lovers, but that little furball has left a huge hole in my heart.  Who would have thought that a furry little rodent could steal the heart of one who has always been a dog lover? 

Every time I walk into my office I miss her.  The corner where she lived is dark now because there is no longer a reason to leave on the light.  There is no longer the sound of scampering and chirping of a beloved pet who was glad to see me or at least hopeful for some morsel of food.  Cleaning out her cage each evening became a ritual of sorts.  Joy would take her out of her cage and either hand her to me to hold or lift her to my face for little nose kisses.  I miss the tickle of Tinkerbell's whiskers and the way she reached out her nose to touch mine.

How well I remember the day we brought her home from the pet store on Labor Day, 2007!  We had returned a guinea pig we bought just a couple of days before because the other cavy was sick with an absessed tooth.  On the way home she pooped in her box and I called her "Stinkerbell," even before coming up with the name Tinkerbell.  When we introduced her to our poodle, Madison was quick to put Tinkerbell in her place, snapping at her front paw.  Although they started off on rocky footing, before long Madison began to tolerate her and eventually play with her.  The day I loaded Tinkerbell up in the carrier to take her to the vet, Madison protested loudly.  I think even Madison misses her now.

Of course, Joy was a little young to get into the guinea pig pet care routine at first.  But before long I had her cleaning out the cage like a pro.  I would get tickled when the kids would set up obstacle courses for her in the den floor.  Joy's friends enjoyed playing with her.  She had quite a little personality!

Will there be another Tinkerbell?  Not a chance, although I am entertaining the thought of buying a pair of guinea pigs at some point.  They are really are delightful little creatures!

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