Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ode to Tinkerbell

On Labor Day four years ago,
We bought a guinea pig
Who lived with us for just a day
Because she became sick.
We took her back from whence she came,
And traded her for you.
And ever since you've blessed our hearts
And we have sure loved you.
Sweet Tinkerbell, you showed me how
To love all kinds of pets.
And even though you weren't a dog,
You really were the best!
I loved the way you'd scamper 'round
Your cage and talk to me.
The smell of carrots in the morn'
Would make you chirp with glee.
Your gentle nibbles on my finger
And kisses nose-to-nose
Are two things I will ne'er forget,
Two things I'll miss the most.
No longer are you suffering,
And though our hearts are sad,
The memory of your time with us
Will always make us glad.
God bless you, little Tinkerbell,
And may you quietly rest
Just knowing that we loved you well,
And that you loved us best.

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