Tuesday, March 29, 2011

On the Road with Lola

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"Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, 'This is the way; walk in it.'" -- Isaiah 30:21
A couple of years ago I drove my kids to Florida for a week of fun during Spring Break.  Despite carefully planning my travel route and printing off maps, I still made a wrong turn somewhere in Alabama and ended up in Atlanta, which required us to backtrack two hours just to get to our hotel in Georgia.  After struggling to find our way back to my brother's home in Orlando after four long days at Disneyworld, I learned my lesson -- never travel to Orlando (or anywhere else, for that matter) without a GPS!  My brother had offered me the use of his GPS while we were there, but I was too proud to accept the help of an electronic device when I had my maps printed up and ready to go.  Little did I know how handy it would have been as we exited the theme parks a different way each night.

This week I had the pleasure of returning to Orlando for my niece's wedding, but I took along my new best friend, Lola.  Lola is the name I have given to a GPS app (AT&T Navigator) which I downloaded to my cellphone just before our departure.  Without a doubt, Lola is THE best traveling buddy ever!  I never consulted a map, although I printed several.  I just punched in the first day's destination and put myself in Lola's hands.  Despite making a couple of wrong turns because I wasn't listening for Lola's voice, Lola faithfully got us back on track and we made it to our intended destination safely and without the stress of being lost!

God has given us His own version of a GPS -- the Bible.  If we fail to read it and follow its instructions, we will find that our journey in life will be nothing more than just a series of wrong turns and accidents waiting to happen.  On the other hand, if we follow God's commands, we will experience the grand adventure of walking in His will with the assurance that even if we take a wrong turn or make a mistake, He will gently "re-route" us until we find ourselves once more moving in the right direction. God will never steer us wrong and He will always be right beside us as we travel to our final destination.

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