Monday, February 28, 2011


There comes a time in one's life when it becomes necessary to downsize.  For those whose children have left home or who simply desire a smaller dwelling, part of the downsizing includes getting rid of unnecessary clutter and better organizing and utilizing what remains.  Quite often taking time to downsize and reorganize can have the benefit of maximizing our finances.  Not at all a bad deal.

I have spent a couple of hours downsizing my website and cleaning up some unnecessary cyber-clutter in order to trim costs and streamline things for those who visit my site.  When you get a chance, I invite you visit to to see what has changed.  Also, take a look at the sidebar links on this blog -- there are a few changes there as well.  I hope you will subscribe to my monthly email newsletter, which will contain publishing updates as well as a devotional.  It's free and relatively painless.

I wish downsizing my dress size or the clutter in my home were so easy!

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