Thursday, November 11, 2010

While I'm Waiting

"The sluggard craves and gets nothing, but the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied." -- Proverbs 13:4

Ever find yourself in a spiritual slump -- that season of downtime when you are seeking God, clamoring to hear His voice, yet finding Him oddly distant and silent?  Perhaps he has set your feet on a certain path, yet suddenly you feel as though you are walking in the darkness, alone.  The passion that drove you at first has given way to passivity and you begin to wonder what God is up to.

As I look at my own life and question God about these things, I find myself waiting for answers that are slow in coming.  What is God trying to tell me?  Is there an area of sin I haven't dealt with or some preparation I have not yet completed in order to move forward into that area of service which God has planned for me?  What happened to the sense of urgency I had about ministry, writing, and the calling God has placed on my life?

Sometimes I believe God calls us out of the extraordinary, back to the more ordinary aspects of life to give us a chance to prepare for what is next.  As book sales and marketing activity have fizzled out and a new job has demanded more of my time, I realize that I have neglected a lot of the more ordinary responsibilities that come with being a wife and mother.  I haven't neglected my relationships with my family, but I can look around my home and know for certain that I have neglected other things, like housekeeping and office organization.  What I have at times considered to be unpleasant or insignificant tasks are often the very things that bring me comfort and fulfillment when life gets a little too crazy.

While I am waiting for God to speak and give me a sense of direction, I might as well get busy cleaning up my office and clearing out the clutter that has become not only an eyesore, but a hindrance to my creativity and sensitivity to God's Spirit.  As I clean my home and prepare it for the holidays, I can rest in the assurance that God will purify my heart and prepare me to carry out his plans for my life.

If you are waiting for God to answer a prayer or give you a sense of his presence, you might try getting your house in order, too.  Pray for him to show you what areas of your home and heart need cleaning most, then work diligently and expectantly.  Before long, your Guest will arrive and you will enjoy sweet fellowship together!

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