Sunday, October 31, 2010

When October Goes

One of Barry Manilow's most beautiful ballads, "When October Goes," is playing on my computer as I write this last entry of October.  There was a time when I would grow wistful this time of year as I remembered a magical kiss that awakened a deep love for someone who is no longer a part of my life.  Now I glory in the magic of this month as I celebrate the time I first met my husband and soul-mate twenty five years ago. 

Tonight Steve is out with my daughter trick-or-treating.  For the third year in a row he is outfitted in his Darth Vader costume, being the kid he's always been inside.  That's one thing I love about him.  Not only he is an overgrown kid, he is absolutely the best dad my kids could have!

In keeping with tradition I made hot dogs for dinner.  That's something my mother used to do every year before sending us off into the night.   I think she hoped we would fill up on hot dogs so we wouldn't gorge on candy, but that never worked.  We started eating candy upon departing the first house but always arrived home with enough to make mountains in the middle of the floor.  With six kids, competition was fierce.  We all wanted to see who could get the most candy and spent what seemed like hours bargaining with each other to trade this piece for that. 

Tonight I am sitting home enjoying a few peaceful moments, hoping that a trick-or-treater or two will come by so I can make a fuss and enjoy the chubby little hands plunging into my candy bowl.  I am thinking of my mom and imagining how she relished the quiet when we all took to the streets while she stayed home cleaning up the mess left by a bunch of hungry and excited neighborhood kids.

My husband is proof that one can never be too old to trick-or-treat.  And the little one who just came to my door, pushed in a stroller by his beaming, proud parents, has proved that one can't be too young!  He probably won't remember this Halloween, but I will never forget the joys of trick-or-treating as a child or of taking my kids out when they were little.

It won't be long before my kids are too old to trick-or-treat.  When that time comes, perhaps I will again be sad to see October go.

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