Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blind Faith

"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." -- Hebrews 11:1

Lately I have been struggling with my faith and allowing circumstances to shake me when I should be unshakable because of God's promises in his Word.  This is especially true in the area of finances.  When something happens -- such as the recent breakdown of my husband's car and the expensive repairs required to fix it -- I am quick to call into question God's provision and direction in my life.  What was that all about anyway?  As tight as money is, why did it have to happen to us?  These are questions we all ask ourselves at times, and the only way we can have peace is to have blind faith, the kind of faith that believes God will hold true to his promises even when we can't see how he will provide.

But what happens when we begin to question God's plan for our lives altogether?  Recently I sensed God calling me into ministry as an author and speaker, even though I couldn't see his provision for that ministry.  I sent a newsletter to my friends and family, asking not only for their prayer support but financial support as well, if God so led them, so that I could be positioned to go wherever God called me to minister.  Does the lack of financial means to conduct ministry mean that I misunderstood God's call in the first place, or is he planning to provide for the needs of my family and ministry another way, such as through full-time employment in the workplace?  The passion in my heart, to share his Good News and encourage others, is consistent with his Word.  I have seen him work in and through me.  But who am I to expect God to provide for our needs in a particular manner?  Have I forgotten that he is God and I am not? 

Many of us encounter those moments on our journey when we question God's methods and our own relationship with him.  If we have not received what we have prayed for in a reasonable amount of time -- something which clearly God is able to do, but may choose not to -- then perhaps we have considered ourselves not quite good enough to merit his favorable response to our prayer.  Have we ever considered that his "no" could lead to a greater "yes" for us?  Dare we imagine that "no eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him" (1 Corinthians 2:9)?

How is your faith today?  Have you opened the hood of your heart to see if it has been adequately filled with his Holy Spirit?  Have you taken in enough Living Water to make sure you don't boil over when life's circumstances leave you running a little hot?   As with a car, a little routine maintenance goes a long way to ensure that your spirit is road ready and your faith is strong enough to take you anywhere God leads.  If you feel less than prepared for the journey God has chosen for you, then spend a few minutes in his Word and in prayer each day and ask God for a fresh filling of his Holy Spirit to guide you and give you grace for living.  Then trust him to get you safely to your destination, even when you can't see through the fog of everyday circumstances. 

God will never change.  His promises will never be broken.  When you can't see his hand, trust his heart.

Trust His Heart -- Written by: Babbie Mason and Eddie Carswell

All things work for our good though sometimes we can’t see how they could.
Struggles that break our hearts in two sometimes blind us to the truth.
Our Father knows what’s best for us; His ways are not our own.
So, when your pathway grows dim, and you just can’t see Him,
Remember you're never alone.

God is too wise to be mistaken. God is too good to be unkind.
So when you don’t understand, when you don’t see His plan,
When you can’t trace His hand, trust His heart.

He sees the Master plan. He holds the future in His hands.
So don’t live as those who have no hope. All our hope is found in Him.
We see the present clearly, but He sees the first and the last.
And like a tapestry, He’s weaving you and me to someday be just like Him.

He alone is faithful and true, He alone knows what is best for you...

God is too wise to be mistaken. God is too good to be unkind.
So when you don’t understand, when you don’t see His plan,
When you can’t trace His hand, trust His heart.

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