Friday, April 6, 2012

The Place In Your Heart

I heard God say, when I was still,
“There’s a place in your heart I alone can fill.”
And with His voice, so tender and calm,
He said, “Only you can fill the hole in My palm.”
He holds us in His hands, it’s true.
That’s why He died for me and you.
A wretched, wounded death died He
Upon that barren, lonely tree.
With outstretched arms He showed His love
So we could dwell with Him above
In Heaven where there is no fear,
No pain or sorrow, sickness, tears—
But only joy divine for endless days
As we bestow our endless praise
On Him, who holds us in His palm,
Who in this wretched world brings calm
And peace and joy. Our only part
Is to let Him fill the hole in our heart.

-- Dee Dee Wike, 3/29/03

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